Yuri, oftentimes called The Mexican Madonna, is Yuridia Valenzuela Canseco in real life. She was born on January 6, 1964 in the Spanish town of Veracruz.

Yuri had demonstrated an interest in music early on in her life and can be considered a real musical genius. During her teenage years, she already formed her own band and was the lead vocalist. They called their band Yuri and the Electric Apple. Her breakthrough would happen in 1978 when she released her debut single entitled “Tu Iluminas Mi Vida”, which is the Spanish version of the song “You Light Up My Life.” Since then, she was cast in a lead role for a film and released a series of hit songs. Her LP entitled “Llena de Dulzura” earned the first ever gold record award in Spain which was performed by a female Latin American artist. Her songs “Maldita Primavera” and “El Pequeno Panda de Chapultepec” were a hit internationally with more than a million copies sold worldwide.

Having been in the music industry for almost four decades, she has released numerous songs and albums. Her music has transcended the confines of Mexico as she was able to make it big in the international music industry as well. As of this writing, she has over 40 music videos. As a true artist, she also became a part of major films, TV variety shows, and telenovelas. Her musical genre are pop rock, Latin, and international. Her musical styles include bolero, Latin pop, Latin rock, Spanish rock, salsa, and Western European traditions. Yuri is now with Warner Music Mexico where she has recently released albums in the gospel genre, dance pop, a live album, and a duet with Mijares. This shows how versatile and relevant Yuri is until now. She continues to diversify her music to the delight of her fans.
Yuri now lives in Mexico City with her second husband and their only child.