The Mexican Madonna, that is what they always call her. This title speaks volumes about how Yuri has transcended the Mexican music industry and made it big on the international stage. Being compared to the great Madonna should be an honor. Madonna, after all, is a world-class performer and icon. No offense to Madonna fans. I mean I adore her! However, carrying this moniker, for me is looking down as Yuri’s own special talent and capabilities. She has made it to the top of the music industry and maintained that recognition for decades that it is just fitting that we call her Yuri and nothing else. If anything, she should be called the Mexican Superstar for all the honor and pride that she has given our country. Yuri represents Mexican music to the rest of the world and she has done a pretty good job at it. She does not deserve to be called The Mexican Madonna because it is like saying that she is just another Madonna wannabe. She has worked really hard and gotten the recognition and accolades from prestigious award-giving bodies for her songs and albums. She has been in the industry for so long and managed to maintain the same level of performance that we have always expected from her right from the start. She does not merit to fall under the shadow of Madonna because she is worthy of being known as she is, Yuri. So let everyone from Mexico and the world over simply call her Yuri because that is who she is. All her achievements and recognition warrant that she be known by her own name. Let her name be synonymous with her own brand of music and style. Let her name shine and be known all over the world. She is Yuri, just Yuri. And that is enough for everyone to know what a great singer and performer she is.